If a student has concerns related to teaching /online portal/ classroom situations or administrative actions, he/she should contact the head of faculty or administrative staff member(s) of the institutions with whom he/she has a conflict. It may be possible to resolve the concerns with or without the need for formal institutional action. However, if the student’s complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, or if the complaint cannot be resolved by contacting the head of faculty or administrative staff member(s), the student should proceed to

The student should file a complaint through our Complaint Form or by writing on WhatsApp at +91-9167446744. After receiving a complaint through our Complaint Form, our concerned staff will review the submitted materials and contact the submitter for any required additional information or clarifications. We will then send a copy of the complaint to our board of advisors against which the complaint has been filed and ask for a response within one to three weeks as per the life-threatening complaints or any other nature of the submitted complaint. After receiving the response, our concerned staff will determine whether the institution’s student complaint process has been followed and exhausted and what additional steps or follow-up may be taken for the resolution of the complaint through the court system in India. If you have additional questions about the complaint process or want to clarify that your individual complaint is reviewable by us, please feel free to write an email at info@rammohanbhave.com

If any student still wants to get in touch with ACCA, they can write an email to students@accaglobal.com